Daniel Domínguez (aka foldr)

PhD Student in University of Verona/IMDEA Software Institute

I am a professional nerd that works on security of mobile applications. I also shoot Olympic rifle and indulge myself in the hard drug that is miniature wargaming. I can usually be found ranting about programming languages.
Contact: daniel.dominguez@imdea.org
My CV: pdf



Release Practices for iOS and Android Apps [pdf]

Daniel Domínguez-Álvarez, Alessandra Gorla. WAMA 2019 (colocated with ESEC/FSE)

Extended Abstract: Are You Sure They Are the Same? Identifying Differences Between iOS and Android Implementations [pdf]

Daniel Domínguez-Álvarez, Alessandra Gorla, Juan Caballero, Roberto Giacobazzi. JNIC 2019


Querying Streams of Alerts for Knowledge-Based Detection of Long-Lived Network Intrusions

Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Javier Bermejo-Higuera, Elena García Barriocanal, Salvador Sánchez Alonso, Daniel Domínguez-Álvarez, Miguel Monzón-Fernández. FQAS 2017



A library for simplifying the development of tools that request information from Tacyt


A simple tool for extracting the invoked methods of the standard library in an Android application.